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Floating The Comal

hqdefaultIf you like rivers, then you’ll love river tubing. America’s Favourite cool-off past time. New Braunfels has been the Tubing Capital since very long! Tubing the waters of the comal offers a chance to relax floating past some of the most beautiful scenery in New Braunfels. Observe wildlife, and the surrounding cliffs and rock formations. No paddling is required, just relax and let the current pull you along. It is a great way for families, friends and groups to stay cool and enjoy the outdoor sun floating the comal.

Tubers of all ages will have a blast speeding down the chutes. There are steeper chutes for the more daring and easier chutes for those looking for a more laid-back ride. All of our tubes are designed for safety and fun. It’s an activity the whole family can enjoy. All you need is shoes for river—we supply the rest. Self-guided tours floating the comal River for a fun packed relaxing ride down tubing the comal river. Comal tubes make best arrangements for your great tubing experience. We provide the tubes of all shape and size according to your need and also tubes for coolers and even for your doggies.

Credit for this article goes to BioTechWater which is the best company to install water purification in New Braunfels.

Vacation rentals Guadalupe river

IMG_0796Spend your next vacation or just a quiet getaway in the Texas Hill Country in New Braunfels, Texas Vacation rentals Guadalupe River are nestled right next to the beautiful Guadalupe River with Canyon Lake just minutes away.  If you enjoy tubing on the Guadalupe River the Horseshoe is a small distance away from the cabins.

Visit Gruene from your backyard and rent a tube right next door or just hang out in the cool Guadalupe River . Enjoy a concert at Gruene music hall and don’t worry about anyone driving home. Enjoy a fully stocked kitchen or outdoor cooking area. A newer home that is beautiful, simple and impeccably clean. Enjoy the shallow cool water while you bask in the sun, brave the rapids or swim upstream for calmer, deeper water.

If location is everything, then you got it all here! Best Texas Travel offers rentals at affordable prices for a party who like the fun atmosphere on River Road but also appreciate some privacy. Accommodations are available on the banks of the Guadalupe River and we are right next door to a tube rental and about a block away from a food joint where you can hang out with some buddies, have a cold one and eat a bite. Open the back door and take in all the life and activity on the Guadalupe River or just reflect on the rising sun on the horizon. There is a great space for you to hang out, cook out or just lay out and still be steps away from the tantalizing waters of the Guadalupe. Chances are, if you are vacationing on River Road you will find plenty of entertainment but there are many more attractions within a few miles of Riverbank.

The Guadalupe River is one of the most beautiful and adventure ready destinations in Texas. The upper river runs fast and is lined up at the banks with limestone and pecan and bald Cyprus trees. This part of the river is popular as a tubing destination in the spring and summer. The perfectly paced water with the shades offered by trees on the banks gives tourists a spectacular experience, one that can be enjoyed and shared with friends and family. It flows through the Guadalupe River State Park and campers can make the most of floating down the river in their inflated tubes. In order to protect the environment, glass and Styrofoam are not allowed.


image-adapt-1663-mediumWe are living in a more conscious and informed society today, than the one we had few years ago. No matter what might be the topic, every bit of information is readily available on the internet. Same is the case with the information related to travelling. There are hundreds of websites on the internet that offers the best reviews about the required accommodation, airlines, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, mall, shops, etc. You just need to browse, research, plan and get-set-go. 

As told by one of my friend at 4evergreenlawnervice.com there are hundreds of travel websites and blogs that have got all the information about the place you are visiting, the hotels you need to book up, the things you should be careful of, etc. These websites and blogs have real people experiencing and leaving their feedback along with the real time clicked pictures from the visitors. These moves were introduced to encourage accuracy and transparency. However, how accurate are these websites or blogs? Do they really create a true picture?

Many of the review writers are paid to give a good review for various resorts and hotels. This doesn’t give a true idea of the place being researched. So how to judge which review is truth and which one is faked.  Simple things can judge the authentication of the feedback statement for you. If a travel guide takes you to over a link of a resort, hotel or amusement center at the end, such reviews are paid. These are like advertising articles for the sponsors. If the writer manages to engage audience by their article, the convinced person will definitely click up to the link and 25% of these will make a purchase.

Although these articles marketing is done by the sponsor for their product these can be very informative and accurate. For example a hotel in London is giving facts about the city along with advertising their food.

The second tip is not to worry, if there are too many negative feedback for hotel or restaurant. Instead it should be taken in a positive way that this company is famous among the travelers as most of us will take time to give a negative feedback about a product instead of the positive or happy one.

One should concentrate about what negative remarks are given in the feedback. If it is a hotel, look if they are talking bad about the rooms or services or food, which is the major issues and the hotel, should be avoided. However, if the feedback is on things like delays in order or high prices or staff not paying attention, these can be purely based on circumstances that might not be the same on next visit.

It is advisable to be wise, check the authenticity of the feedback and the reviews of the blog or website you are considering in popular magazine or newspaper. Its better be safe then  being sorry!

Air Travel Tips for Business Travelers

cc69de11323e34f16922f8dcf46734faTraveling by air for a business trip can be a much better experience if you’ve got the air travel tips of someone at the rear of your head. According to my uncle who works as Beaverton Exterminator

There are innumerable things that one can plan for Business so that you can have a pleasant and comfortable flight traveling and there are numerous air travel tips available online. But from others’ personal experience, it’s like another thing that you can settle for the finest few, which aren’t only travel tips that are simple to recall and execute but outsmart another flight.

For precisely the same reason, I thought I’d share some tips that have worked wonders for me over recent years.

Give selecting the right seat a high precedence.

I, like many more, used to be one of those travelers who blow off all air travel tips there are and say to myself that I Will get what I deserve. But you must trust me when I say now that spending the few extra minutes either paying extra for an improved seat or selecting the seat online might be the greatest present it is possible to give yourself on a flight.

Left, Centre or Right

You can find a variety of narratives on which type of seat functioned best for who, therefore I’d urge which you make your own view with time about that. For first-time business travelers, only go for the window seat – this gives you two significant advantages over everyone who does not have a window seat: you’ve something to lean on to sleep and you do not need to wake up or be uneasy because your neighbor needs to go to the toilet.

Constantly have cans by your side

Many people often say when you’ve got means to catch the in-flight entertainment, you’ll likely never get in the mood to sleep/ rest. But what those plane travel tips could not say is if you simply can not do anything else that if cans can be your saving. Better still, occasionally melodic instrumentals to be found on the inflight music list can end up being only the lullaby you had been yearning for. So that can be your music and if you need to take this to an even higher degree, carry a noise cancelling headphone.

6 Cities In Spain With The Most Delicious Tapas

d6_gen_tapas_misc_20635In the last week of September, the Spanish mark holiday of tapas, which are the traditional snacks. It is hard to imagine Spanish cuisine without them. Tiny sandwiches with various fillings, crispy shrimp and octopus, olives, ham, chorizo ​​sausages – these are the tapas served for drinks. They are tasty anywhere, A friend of mine at Miami roof replacement was telling me that you have to know the cities with the best tapas in the country.

San Sebastian

In San Sebastian, Basque cuisine, which is considered to be the most delicious in Spain, complements with Mediterranean style. Be sure to visit tapas bars in the old part of the city called the Parte Vieja. Among all bars, locals prefer Borda Berri and La Cuchara de San Telmo. In this area, most of the crowd is looking not for a museum, but for a place to order the cold Basque beer and surround themselves with the plates with all sorts of tapas. In San Sebastian, they are called pinchos.


Every year, Barcelona is visited by millions of tourists from around the world. It’s hard to imagine how many restaurants, cafes, and tapas bars work in the Catalan capital. It is believed that the best tapas in Barcelona, ​​you can find on the old Boqueria market – in restaurants, which are located on its territory. Another good place with no crowds is tapas bar Las Delicias. By the way, you can visit Parc Güell, which is located nearby, right after the meal. Do not miss such restaurants as Quimet i Quimet (sashimi of salmon with cream cheese), La Tieta (shrimp, potato omelet, mushrooms with olives), tapas bar Bodega La Palma, and El Jabalí with a pretty terrace.


Granada citizens always know where and what is served in their city. They go from bar to bar, trying different tapas, meeting friends and discussing the latest news. This process is called tapear. One of the most popular tapas routes in Granada is located Navas Street in the city center. There are at least a dozen restaurants with national dishes and, of course, tapas, which are served free of charge with any drink. One of the most inconspicuous and at the same time the most popular tapas bars of Navas Street is called Los Diamantes. It serves seafood snacks – spicy octopus, crispy shrimp, and fish of various kinds.


The small town of Logroño is famous not only for its wine, but also for the most delicious tapas. Laurel is the main gastronomic street of Logroño and a Spanish “buffet” with pinchos sandwiches, savory tapas, and fragrant wines from the Rioja wineries. This is a pedestrian area, overflowing with bars, restaurants, and small cafes. You should try the fantastic pinchos with wild mushrooms in the Bar Angel, and snacks with the Spanish jamon in Jamonero Pata Negra. The rest of the night, you can spend in a stylish tapas bar Torrecilla with a great selection of local wines and regional dishes.

New Braunfels – Home of 2 Rivers

IMG_2133Picture yourself on a river tubing trip in the New Braunfels countryside, floating down a scenic river and ending your day on the water at an authentic beer garden.If you want to visit comal river on a Limousine then New Braunfels limo can be your best choice. This experience awaits you, tubing in New Braunfels Texas with comal tubes the best outfitters for you and your family! We take care of every detail, including getting you and your group from your home to the river – so you can focus on the fun!

Select your date (pre booking for weekends and holidays), and take a relaxing journey on a luxury bus bound for a fun day tubing in new braunfels Texas. We’ll take you directly to the riverside put-in where your deluxe mesh bottomed tube (head rest and cup holder included) awaits. Enjoy a scenic float, which will last around 3-4 hours depending on the speed of the river. You’ll get off of the river at the end point, where you’ll reunite with your dry clothes. At the end of the day, hop back on board the bus and relax during the journey back to your home! So just call our coordinator at 830-476-7700 to reserve and also check our special group price.

New Braunfels Hotels

New Braunfels hotels from the desk of a Dental Receptionist.

Located in the heart of Texas, hotel New Braunfels is convenient to vacation in New Braunfels, local water sports and shopping. Experience the German heritage of New Braunfels, Texas, and discover the beauty and natural attractions of the Texas Hill Country. Enjoy amenities designed to make you feel at home such as our cooked-to-order breakfast, room service and 24-hour Business Center. If you’re in town for business, host an event for up to 100 people in our flexible meeting space.

Swim in our hotel pool, or burn some calories in our 24-hour fitness center. Pick up a snack at the Pantry and relax with a good TV program in a warm and inviting room complete with a comfortable bed, microwave and refrigerator. Whether you’re here with family or on business, you’ll find the extras you need and want at our New Braunfels vacation homes.

Relax in guest rooms that offer all the comfort and amenities you need while you’re away from your home and office. Heat up a snack in the microwave or a grab a cold drink from the refrigerator. Set up a productive work environment utilizing the large desk and ergonomic chair. Connect your laptop to our complimentary Wi-Fi to stay in contact with family and business associates. At the end of a long day, slip into your comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep.

Enjoy a hot cooked-to-order meal in our restaurant, serving breakfast and dinner along with a full-service bar, or pick up a meal, snack or beverage to go at our 24-hour Pantry. Stay in touch when you’re on the road with our 24-hour Business Center and complimentary Wi-Fi. Bring your swimsuit and relax in our outdoor pool.

Dive into the many water features at Schlitterbahn, just a short drive away. Go tubing down the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers. Drive through the scenic Hill Country area of Texas, where rolling hills and spring wildflowers create a relaxing excursion. Search for bargains at San Marcos Premium Outlets Mall and Tanger Outlet Malls. Visit Gruene, designated a Historic Town by the State of Texas, for tubing, wine tasting and dancing. New braunfels Guadalupe river cabins are the best place to spend your vacation new braunfels relaxing with your family and friends.

I wish i wasn’t at this desk, but was sitting in the river, staying in a relaxing hotel.

Camping Trip Planning Tips

There’s no other outdoor activity that can compare to the unique joys that camping brings. Its importance in this digital age could not be stressed more as well, as it practically serves as a good way to promote tech detoxing. After all, most of us have a tendency to get too caught up with what’s happening in the digital world that we tend to neglect the real one. Camping immerses you in nature and your immediate surroundings, which, more often than not, gives you a different, much-needed perspective of the world.

Camping Tip Planning

Another good thing about camping is that it can be enjoyed by everyone, making it a perfect family or group activity. And, like any activity, it requires planning. If this is your first time to go camping, you may be looking for tips to ensure that you and your family or your friends would be able to make the most out of your vacation. Here are some good camping trip planning tips that you only need to keep in mind.

1.) Decide beforehand on your campsite and the activities you want to do. – Experts usually advise beginner campers to settle for official national parks and sites on their first camping. This gives you a good feel of what camping is like. For instance, most of these parks and sites only require you to get a permit from them in order to start pitching your tents up anywhere in their grounds. These campgrounds usually have all the modern amenities your need as well (like fresh water, electricity and restrooms).

What’s good about campgrounds is that they are usually located near the sites where you can do most of your other activities. They are often near hiking trails, for instance, or situated beside the woods and lakes. This way, you can easily plan what you want to do, may it be trekking, swimming, fishing, boating, etc. It’s better if you can map out your

2.) Organize a meal plan. – You certainly don’t want to be put in a itinerary prior to going as well. You’ll find that it would save you a lot of time during the actual trip.position where you’d find yourself needing ingredients that aren’t readily available in the campsite. This is why it’s highly recommended for you to make a detailed list of the meals that you plan to cook during your entire camping trip. As much as possible, go for meals that are nutritious, but do not require a lot ingredients and can be easily cooked over a fire (aluminum-foil-wrapped meals and food items are good examples of this). It would help if they are easy to pack as well.

3.) Make a list when packing your things. – Again, utilizing lists as an organization tool could not be highlighted more. It allows you to seamlessly go through your items, may they be first-aid kits, clothing, medical supplies, etc. This is especially important if someone in your party has a handicap or certain allergies.

Thinking of the plethora of items that you intend to pack, it could be easy for you to miss the things that are most important. Adapting the “multiples of everything” when packing vital items could go a long way in ensuring you have everything you need as well. For instance if you have a total of 20 members in your group, you could bring 4 first aid kits, meaning for every 5 people there is 1 first-aid kit.

4.) Don’t forget to bring games as well. – And by games, not the digital kind. It can be Frisbees, volleyballs, basketballs, and even the good, old-fashioned cards. These games encourage actual physical and social activity, and really helps in passing the time in between your major camping activities.
With these simple camping trip planning tips, you’ll surely avoid the hassles that most unprepared campers encounter while camping. And, of course, with virtually nothing to worry about, you’ll surely enjoy the great outdoors better.